How Long Does THC-O Last In Your System?

Consuming ingestible products such as edibles, capsules, etc., of THC-O products and its effects lasts for a long time as the cannabinoids are absorbed slowly.


THC-O, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol-O acetate or THC-O acetate, is more potent, similar to delta-9 THC. This cannabinoid is available in different products, and cannabis enthusiasts enjoy its unique properties.

It leaves the users with many questions, how long does THC-O last in our system? It is a concern for who gets drug tested, required for their employment, and based on the test negative.

Understanding THC-O

THC-O is a psychedelic cannabinoid, a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol. Compared to delta-9 THC, it is three times stronger. This cannabinoid is not produced naturally in hemp or marijuana plants. Therefore, it is prepared using expensive equipment and needs the knowledge to synthesize it.

How Long Does THC-O Last In Your System?

Knowing how long you can experience the effects of cannabis compounds like THC-O in the body is essential. And it entirely varies on how long it takes to leave the system.

When the effects get diminished, you will not be in a state of high. The cannabinoids are broken by enzymes and can be excreted throughout the urine.

THC-O is produced from a precursor THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and synthesized in the lab to make it more potent than delta-9 THC. The effects of THC-O remain in the body depending upon the delivery method by which the body is absorbed through oral intake, inhalation, etc.

The absorption rate of this cannabinoid is unique for each delivery method and other factors as described below.

1. Ingestible products

Consuming ingestible products such as edibles, capsules, etc., of THC-O products and its effects lasts for a long time as the cannabinoids are absorbed slowly. People claim that they experience its effects for about 8 to more hours.

2. Inhalable products

The products such as vapes, dabs, and flowers are used for inhaling using vape pens. They are absorbed immediately into the system, and the effects remain only for a short period of 1 to 2 hours.

3. Sublingual products

Tinctures are taken by sublingual administration, and the absorption takes place at a medium rate. According to the reports, the effect of this cannabinoid lasts for 4 to 6 hours, based on the milligram strengths.

Why Does THC-O Take Time To Leave Your System? 

Even if you didn’t feel high due to THC-0 acetate, it does not mean it is excreted from your body. But it remains in your body and takes some time to get metabolized. Approximately, it stays in your system for 2 to 25 days.

The accumulation of this compound is influenced by several factors, such as frequency of usage, metabolism, and the last time it is taken.

After intake about 30 minutes later, there will be a feeling of cannabinoid effects. During this time, half of the compound gets metabolized. About 25% is metabolized after 30 minutes, and it takes longer to break the metabolites.

How Long Does THC-O Acetate Last In The System?

Several factors are responsible for THC-O acetate to remain in the body till they get metabolized and excreted out of the body. But there is no accurate time for a person to excrete the cannabinoid out of the body.

1. Frequency of use

The frequency of using THC-O plays a vital role in the cannabinoids that last in the system. When a person takes this cannabinoid some times per day, it will create a traffic jam. More of the cannabinoid stagnates in the body than metabolism can break down. If you take this cannabinoid occasionally, it gives time for the metabolism, and chances are there for complete elimination between other intakes.

2. Delivery method

It makes a big difference in the form of edibles, it takes a long duration to metabolize, and with vaping products, it takes quickly.

3. Product strength

Excess intake of the cannabinoid is a burden on the metabolism, and it extends the time to eliminate complete THC-O acetate.

4. Metabolism of your body

One may have a faster metabolism, while others take place slowly. The faster metabolism is due to genetics, health factors such as exercise, water intake, and another diet.

5. Intake of THC-O acetate for the last time

If the cannabinoid is consumed before months, you are clear in THC-O. But consumed before two days, it will be in your system.

6. Product quality

The manufacturing process plays a vital role in determining the quality. The compound gets destroyed if the products are expired or use inferior extraction procedures. It will show less amount of THC-O in the body.

Process Of Drug Testing For Thc-O Acetate

During the metabolic process in your body, if you take a drug test, it may impact a drug test. The result is based on the type of drug test you are undergoing. Even though the drug test uses various specimens, such as hair, blood, and saliva, the most popular one is the urine test.

1. Urine test 

Employers and probation officers undergo this test. This method is easy, accurate, and cheap. In this test, THC-COOH, an enzyme involved in breaking all THC, is measured. This enzyme will be detected in urine for several weeks after the last use of cannabinoids.

2. Saliva test

This test is used by law enforcement to find out whether the person is driving due to influence. You can take a saliva test after consuming THC compound in the last 10 hours.

3. Blood test

It is a test carried out in a medical environment like a hospital. A blood test confirms whether the person is high on using the psychoactive substance.

4. Hair strand test

A hair strand test is used for autopsy reports, and its cost is high. Only a trace amount of substance is present in the human hair, but it can be seen only after 90 days of usage.

5. Perspiration test

This test requires the application of a patch on the person’s skin and waiting for the excretion of THC-COOH through the sweat. Clinical researchers do this test, and it is highly expensive.

Is THC-O legal?

THC. The legality of this cannabinoid is not known. Now, it is not technically illegal. The reason is that it is synthesized from hemp plants. The Farm Bill in 2018 legalized all products derived from hemp with 0.3% or less. It is no longer under controlled substances. 

Wrapping Up

THC-O acetate depends upon many variables and significantly affects the compound to remove from your system. Avoid using this cannabinoid if you have a drug test. You can have it after the test to be on the safer side.

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