What Are Progressive Jackpots and How Do They Work?

What Are Progressive Jackpots and How Do They Work?

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What Are Progressive Jackpots and How Do They Work?

When you look for an online slot to play, the big prize figures that constantly grow on some games are sure to catch your eye.  

These are progressive jackpots, and they offer some of the best potential for big wins, so how do they work? 

The Basic Slots Gameplay

We need to start by seeing that many of the aspects of progressive slots are exactly the same as in other slots that don’t include these jackpots. This means that you’re still trying to get a winning line made up of matching symbols, and you can still trigger features like free spins or wilds in the games that include these features.

Therefore, visually a progressive slot is often just like any other slot but with a big jackpot added on. Indeed, some slots come in two versions, one with a jackpot and one without. Behind the scenes, the algorithms may work out a slightly lower chance of a standard win on a progressive game, though, as a small part of each stake is added to the jackpot on every spin.  

How Does the Jackpot Work?

You’ll see the progressive jackpot amount climbing over time, and this is because of the fact that each player’s stake is added to the total pool of funds. So every time that you or someone else plays the game and doesn’t claim the jackpot, the amount gets a little bit higher.

Once a player strikes it lucky and claims the jackpot, it gets reset back to the starting point. This is why you’ll see a wide variety of different jackpot amounts in any casino, as some might have been building for a long time while others have recently been claimed and are just starting to climb again.

How Do You Win the Biggest Prize?

There isn’t a single way to win a progressive jackpot, as it depends upon the exact rules in place in each game. The simplest way is with a random jackpot, where every spin has a chance of being awarded the prize, with no way of knowing when it will fall.   

Others ask you to get a certain combination of symbols, which may then open up a mini-game where you can win the jackpot. For instance, you might need to spin a wheel of fortune or pick the right object from a selection lined up on the screen. It remains a game of chance but giving you the chance to make a choice, there’s more of a sense of being in control of winning or not.

How to Find a Progressive Jackpot?

These games are easy to find, as all good online casinos have a range of progressive jackpots. You can find them by first of all entering in the slots page, where you can expect to see a collection of hundreds of different slots.

In some cases, you might see a tab or sub-category where all of the progressive jackpot slots are gathered together. Otherwise, you can scroll through the list and look for games that either mention a jackpot or that have a large dollar amount superimposed over the game’s logo.

While we’ve focused on slots here, you might occasionally see a progressive jackpot listed on some other type of online casino game. This might be available, for example, in poker games. But you’ll see them far more often on slots. 

The Latest Developments

The online slots world is a fast-moving place where new technology and fresh ideas help to bring in changes regularly. We can see this reflected in things like the way that new types of progressive jackpot are made available from time to time.

One of the latest pieces of big news in the industry has come thanks to the arrival of Hot Drop Jackpots. These are a special type of progressive prize where players can pick up one of three jackpots on offer. You can find out more about Hot Drop Jackpots here: www.bovada.lv/casino/hot-drop-jackpots 

In this case, the amount of the stake affects your chances of randomly triggering access to the mini-game where you spin a wheel to find out your prize. There are also a couple of timers built into these games, meaning that the jackpot is triggered when the amount gets to the right size or enough time has elapsed for the top prizes to be awarded again.

Should You Play Them?

Some players love progressive jackpots, as they get the chance to aim for huge prizes as they play. Yet, others prefer to stick to other slots where they can still try to win money but without the distraction of the jackpots. It’s just a personal choice.

As mentioned earlier, the smaller wins might come along less frequently on jackpot games, as a chunk of the amount returned to players is in the form of jackpot wins. This makes progressive slots a little more volatile in general, as the wins tend to be bigger but come around less often.

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