Why Playing Live Games Together Is More Appealing than Ever?

Why Playing Live Games Together Is More Appealing than Ever?

Why Playing Live Games Together Is More Appealing than Ever?

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Spending time with friends is a powerful source of enjoyment. Most of us can endure anything the rat race throws at us if we know there’s a gathering on the horizon. This is thanks to oxytocin, which our bodies produce when we take part in these bonding activities.

Yet, even with a great group of friends, there can sometimes be a monotony that creeps in if you venture to the same locations to have similar conversations.

Therefore, more and more people are looking to head out and play games together as a way of ensuring that time with friends never goes stale. These are some of the more popular and delightful ways to play live games with friends.


You would be forgiven for thinking that bingo as a form of live entertainment died a few years back, and that was almost the case. The convenience of playing bingo online seemed to trigger the death rattle of bingo halls.

Yet, while online bingo remains popular, many people nowadays are going online to ask “Are there any bingo clubs near me?” Thankfully, the answer is generally yes, because bingo halls are once again opening their doors and becoming a regular feature on people’s social to-do list.  

The bingo announcer can be a major contributor to the sense of fun, but there’s generally a better atmosphere playing live with a group of people all focused on the same activity. Playing in person increases the competitive nature of bingo, but it also makes a win more meaningful.

For those that were around when bingo halls were a ubiquitous form of recreation, their return is a joy to behold. For those new to bingo as a form of live entertainment, they’re finding this classic game really makes for an amusing night with friends.

Escape Rooms

The history books tell us Kyoto, Japan gave us the first modern escape room. Nowadays, they are a favored destination for groups of friends or work colleagues and are found in most major towns and cities.

They can be costly, so perhaps not an every weekend kind of thing, but they are memorable and definitely forge relationships.

While some solely focus on the conventional process, with players trying to find a way out of the room, others are more complex. Themes include murder mysteries, plagues, attacks, and assassination attempts. Today’s escape rooms are crossing boundaries and becoming more engaging and unique.

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Some are even focusing on horror fans, with escape rooms that test your ability to think under pressure while providing some frights.

Live Experiences

While escape rooms are adapting to meet the needs of their clientele, we’re also seeing more unique live experiences. We’ve seen online casinos have great success in creating live game show experiences that you can play on your mobile, but it seems people desire something more akin to the real thing.

The Crystal Maze Live Experience gives people the opportunity to step into the classic TV show with familiar challenges across themed zones. Sadly, there’s no Richard O’Brien or Richard Ayoade, but the hosts do play a key role in motivating and amusing you as you progress through the challenges.

There’s also the Tomb Raider Live Experience, which promises a vast area of the Costa Rican jungle to explore with sinking ships, puzzles to solve, and of course tombs to raid. Expect to see more of these tie-ins coming to a city near you.

These are just a few great options to inject some merriment into your next meet-up. Bingo is the best option for a regular game fix and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and be able to treat your friends to an escape room or live experience.

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