Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Popular Films

Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Popular Films

Four lessons entrepreneurs can learn from successful films.

Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Popular Films

Almost everyone enjoys watching movies. But have you ever felt like movie characters or situations present lessons on how to act, talk, look, or even run your business?

If so, have you benefited from those lessons?

The film industry is a big business. Total earnings across the US and Canada averaged around $4.48 billion in 2020 — an uptick surge from $2.1 billion in 2019.

Besides raking in high numbers, movies teach us all sorts of things, but most importantly, ideas from movies leave a lasting imprint.

Here are four lessons entrepreneurs can learn from successful films.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street: Know your Audience

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street is a story of how Belfort rose to success as a wealthy stockbroker — and his notorious involvement in the federal government, corruption, and crime.

Key lesson:

In the movie, Belfort knows which types of stock will attract his investors. In other words, Belfort understands his audience well. Similarly, understand your audience and what they need. With a simple strategy, you can meet all their needs.

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley: Innovation is Key

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a movie about two gentlemen (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates) who transformed technology amid college struggles — launching companies, and taking steps to build Microsoft Inc. and Apple Computer Corporation empires.

Key lesson:

As an entrepreneur, be open to innovation to strategically place yourself in the market. Failing to cope with innovation derailed big companies such as IBM, Hewlett and Packard, and Xerox from taking strides into success early on.

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3. The Social Network: Change is Inevitable

The Social Network is a story about Mark Zuckerberg — how he creates a popular social networking site (Facebook, now Meta). He gets prosecuted for “stealing” the Facebook idea from two brothers. The movie also shows how a co-founder was left out in the cold.

Key lesson:

Start working towards your unique ideas right away. Don’t wait for long because change can happen so fast. If someone else gets hold of your ideas and executes them before you do, all your hard work is futile. Change happens fast and it is inevitable.

4. Jobs: The Product Comes First

The Jobs movie highlights key moments of the digital revolution with Steve Jobs (Apple Inc. co-founder) cementing his legacy as a trailblazer in the technology industry. In the movie, iconic product launches take place with the final one being the iMac launch.

Key lesson:

It’s never about the people who buy the product, but the product itself. Jobs knew this early on and transformed Apple products into what they’ve become today. He perfected his product with accuracy, and perfectionism became the selling point of Apple products. 

These are just a handful of movies with key lessons for entrepreneurs. So many exist and are released every year. Applying the concepts in these movies can impact your business.

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