3 Things Hip Hop Artists Do in Their Spare Time

3 Things Hip Hop Artists Do in Their Spare Time

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3 Things Hip Hop Artists Do in Their Spare Time

When you think of hip hop, what comes to mind? Some people think of rappers, and that certainly falls within the genre. However, hip hop is so much more in that it also is inclusive of a break style of dance music and sometimes has elements of R&B. The birth of the genre started in the 1970s and grew from there.

While many of the best-selling rappers, the largest segment of the genre, have gained a reputation for being high-flying artists seemingly angry at the world, that’s not exactly true. So, if they aren’t the party animals that we’ve made them out to be, what do hip hop artists do in their spare time?

1. Philanthropy

Although many of today’s rappers aren’t what parents would have their children listen to because their lyrics seem to promote violence, drug use and sexual promiscuity, sometimes it’s just an act. In fact, it is said that many of today’s hip hop stars are actually savvy businessmen and women who cater to what the audience wants to hear.

While they may, or may not, live a wild lifestyle, many seek to give back to a world that has given so much to them. For example, these are some of the stars especially mentioned in the MoneyInc.com website:

  • Snoop Dog
  • Akon
  • Eminem
  • Jay-Z

Many others are also keen on philanthropic endeavors, but these are among the top selling artists within the genre.

2. Rappers Got Game

Another thing many hip hop artists do in their spare time is get out the gaming system and go online. Some even play games based on hip hop! Perhaps one of the most famous of the popular games for PS2, Xbox and PC would be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Others like to enjoy online casino games in Canada when they’re touring the country. When they are on the road they are always surrounded by fans and have little time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, you are likely to find them in one game room or another. It’s a way to do something enjoyable without being hounded by fans.

3. Catch a Club or Two

While artists have made it their life’s work perfecting their sound and act, they often like to hit a local club or two to see what the newbies are doing. They aren’t surprised to see up and coming rappers mimic their style but when they find one that has that extra something special, a new take on the genre, they will often take them under their wings, so to speak.

In fact, many artists have found ghost writers in just this way!

Although hip hop artists have a huge amount of notoriety, you will often find them simply kicking back for some down time. They still love to do the things they’d do in public but will sometimes prefer the seclusion of their homes.

Many have gaming rooms and others have sound studios as well. Some even spend time in the studio working on their moves. Remember, hip hop is largely a dance-oriented culture so perfecting their style is important. Believe it or not, not all hip hop stars are party animals!

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