Top 8 Vape Flavors That Are Worth Trying For Beginners

After choosing your favorite flavor, store your juice in optimum condition.


Vaping is the best option for long-time smokers. Increased growth of the e-cigarette market proves that most people are moving towards vaping, as it is safer than smoking.

The main reason for the popularity of vaping is the vape flavors. Sample refill liquids are available to customers, who can select combinations with varying nicotine levels based on their taste.

Even though many flavors are there to try, sweet flavors are a general start. The most popular flavors are tobacco, fruits, and botanical flavors. For beginners, sweet flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, etc., are an ideal choice.

First-time users will get confused about selecting the right flavor for them. If you choose the wrong one, it will spoil your enjoyment.

Know About Vape Juice

It is also called e-liquid, e-juice, or vape liquid and is relatively simple in the ingredients. These fluids produce different tastes and consistency. They are prepared using propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, food flavoring, water, and nicotine. Read on to know more about different e-liquid flavors for beginners.

1. Choco Peppermint

Everyone likes chocolate peppermint candies. The pack consists of the sweetness of creamy chocolate mixed with the freshness of peppermint. When they are mixed in different ratios, it gives a unique vaping experience. Vapers will be drowning in the sweetness while inhaling and with a splash of cooling at the exhale.

2. Menthol Tobacco

It is the most popular one and preferred by most vapers. The reason is it will not reach you out of vogue. It is the perfect choice for beginners to choose menthol, and it is available easily as some brands are selling this in the market. In this juice, you will not get any burned tobacco taste. The vape juice taste may range from robust to light and sweet.

It keeps people away from smoking cigarettes. The essence of the tobacco gives additional flavorings. It offers a cooling sensation, along with menthol, ranging from slightly cool mint to a full-on icy blast. These flavors are a perfect choice for those, who are having allergies, colds, or flu, 

3. Mixed Fruit

It is simple and with a sweet taste when mixed with some fruits. It is the heart of many vapers. It is the base for beverage types of recipes. It has a unique flavor, like fresh fruit and candy, suits beginners. Fruit-flavored e-liquids are from apple, banana, grape, peach, mango, citrus, berries, kiwi, jackfruit, etc. You can have them in so many combinations.

4. Bavarian Cream

The delectable Bavarian cream flavors are found to be creamy and custardy. It is versatile and goes well with anything to have a rich and creamy taste.

5. Strawberry

The most commonly liked flavor by the vapers is the strawberry fruit smell. It has flavor-mixing properties, and you can proceed to create any flavor according to your taste.

6. Marshmallow

Beginners to vaping can get an easy way of sensing these fluffy characteristics. It provides a candy twist to any flavors. Using this flavor, you can prepare any unique flavor without giving too much thought.

7. Lemon Meringue Pie

It is an e-juice with a buttered lemon pie flavor mixed with tangy custard and decorated with a toasted fluffy meringue cream. This juice has a creamy and smooth appearance with a sweet taste mixed with a lemon smell giving a fantastic flavor.

8. Watermelon

Vapers who want to have a refreshment can use watermelon vape juice, and it is the best for beginners. It is a summer fruit that delivers the fresh watermelon slice taste vapor with a juicy feeling. It blends well with other flavors like strawberry.

Ways To Choose The Best Vape Juice Flavor

It is not easy to select this device or atomizer. There are a few facts that you have to look at while choosing. You have to know more about the flavor description, customer reviews, and the ratio of PG and VG.

1. Ratio Of Propylene Glycol And Vegetable Glycerine

This ratio plays an important role based on individual preference. So, you have to find the perfect one for you. For some vapers, this ratio of 50/50 mix goes well. If the ratio increases to 80/20, it may be a little harsh or too thin a consistency. 

2. Decoding Juice Descriptions

The descriptions given comprehensive overview on E-Liquids may range from simple statements to complex ones and provide more information than the flavor name used. 

3. Find A Suitable Vendor

You have to find a vendor specializing in your favorite e-juice, for example, fruits or candy. It may give you the best chance of finding something you love.

4. Select The E-Juice By Tasting

Instead of reading the descriptions, you can directly taste the juice and select your favorite.

5. Trust The Companies With Lab Test Reports

People who are allergic to some chemicals or don’t want to have diacetyl and acetyl propionyl can check the test analysis report and confirm their absence.

6. Go For Mid-Range Prices

The cost of vape juice is a reliable indicator of the quality. The reasons behind selecting the expensive juice are that it is of high quality and does not have unwanted side effects on the health.

How To Store E-Liquid?

After choosing your favorite flavor, store your juice in optimum condition. If it is not stored correctly, flavors get degraded and undergo a chemical change.

Store the bottle away from sources of light, heat, and air. Heat destroys the flavors, and light and attitude affect the nicotine. Store it in a calm and dark area. The storage container should be made of glass, and it keeps the vape juice for the long term. Keep the bottle far from youngsters, as nicotine is poisonous to them and will cause adverse effects.

Final Words

New vapers face a lot of challenges in selecting the right e-liquid flavors for them. There are thousands of flavors available in the market. This article covered some of the best flavors of vape juice. You need to know the right combination of PG and VG with nicotine strength to produce vapor. If you don’t select the appropriate flavor, you cannot enjoy it.

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