Need Help Promoting Your YouTube Channel? Here Are 7 Effective Tips

Need Help Promoting Your YouTube Channel? Here Are 7 Effective Tips

If done correctly, you can amass a long list of subscribers and become a millionaire.

Need Help Promoting Your YouTube Channel? Here Are 7 Effective Tips

Do you want to become an overnight sensation on the web? There’s no better time to create a YouTube channel and promote it. If done correctly, you can amass a long list of subscribers and become a millionaire.

At present, YouTube is the 2nd most-visited platform on the Internet, and people are spending 6+ hours every day watching videos or commenting on videos on this video-sharing site. So, if you want your YouTube channel to stand out, take advantage of the following promotional tactics. 

Optimize your videos for visibility

Want to augment the chances of your YouTube videos showing up online? You need to optimize your videos by following these SEO best practices. 

  • Use relevant titles and descriptions – Use relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. 
  • Increase engagement – Comments, likes, and views are forms of engagement that YouTube uses to determine where videos should be ranked. 
  • Add tags – There are 500+ hours of videos uploaded on the YouTube platform. Therefore, you must make it easier for your viewers to find your videos, and the best way to do that is by adding tags. 
  • Categorize your videos – You can categorize your videos to help YouTube crawlers understand what your video is about.

Promote across social media platforms 

You can get more views for your YouTube videos by promoting them across popular social media platforms. It will help you drive traffic toward your YouTube channel and increase subscribers. While it is easy to upload YouTube videos on Facebook, you might have to go through a guide to share YouTube video on Instagram.

If you can use the social media platforms correctly, you’ll notice a steady rise in viewership. You must ensure your videos uploaded on the social media platforms are shareable. 

Come up with unique, engaging titles 

Marketing your YouTube channel and standing apart from your competitors is about presentation. The right titles can make or break your video’s performance and viewership. 

You must invest a lot of effort and energy into coming up with killer titles that describe your videos and lure your target audience to click play. 

Consider cross-promoting your videos on the video sharing platform 

There are millions of YouTube channels, and you are likely covering similar topics as someone else somewhere on the globe. You can get more out of your older content if you cross-promote videos wherever it makes sense. 

For example, you can enter links in the video description and motivate your audience to check them out. It can be similar to a CTA. 

Run a giveaway or contest to entice your audience 

Nothing entices the audience more than the prospect of winning something. So, you can run a YouTube contest or promise to give away gifts to your viewers. Such perks will motivate people to subscribe to your channel. 

When running contests, ensure they are simple and don’t demand too much from the audience. It could be as simple as leaving a comment or sharing a video on specific platforms. 

Also, you must ensure to adhere to YouTube’s policies when running a social media contest. You can give away gifts that relate to your brand, and you can even include user-generated content to keep your viewers engaged. However, you must be careful not to go overboard when hosting such contests. You must assess the results before running a second contest. If your contests fail to increase your subscribers and keep them engaged, you are only attracting people seeking free gifts. 

Use calls to action to enhance engagement 

One of the best and simplest ways to get your videos noticed is by asking for engagement. Everyone who watches your video will not remember to subscribe to your channel or drop a like. So, it is important to remind them to do so. You can include CTAs during the starting of your video, towards the end, and include them in the video’s description. 

Using CTAs to your advantage works best if you are a new channel trying to get subscribers. You don’t need to feel ashamed to ask your viewers to show you love. It has been found that directly asking them to subscribe or like a video works wonders and keep the engagement rolling. 

Furthermore, you can drop external links to your website to link other videos, which can also serve as a CTA. 

Organize your YouTube content by creating playlists 

If you create lots of videos, it might become harder for your viewers to find what they are looking for. It would be best to make it easier for them to navigate your YouTube channel and quickly find what they wish to watch. 

That’s where playlists come in handy. You can group your videos into categories and keep them organized. 

So, keep in mind these handy tricks to promote your YouTube channel and increase your list of subscribers.

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