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Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Unfollow Each Other on Instagram — Did They Breakup?

Everything about the “unfollow” drama and split rumors!



Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Unfollow Each Other on Instagram — Did They Breakup?
Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Unfollow Each Other on Instagram — Did They Breakup?

It has been a couple of whirlwind days for Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett shippers after the couple allegedly unfollowed each other on Instagram.

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, TikTok Insiders posted a collage picture of Hossler and Barrett’s Instagram following list. The two were no longer following each other on the photo-sharing platform.

The comment section was immediately filled with fans’ takes on the news as one wrote, “oh god didn’t they just hit a year too.”

“Why is everyone breaking up this year,” another chimed in.

Similarly, another Instagram user wrote that the couple has “so many matching tattoos,” followed by a crying emoji.

Soon after the news broke out, Hossler took to his Instagram handle to address the topic. In a since-deleted Instagram story, he wrote, “Just so everyone is clear, I didn’t unfollow anyone.”

As he went on, the TikTok star mentioned that he actually doesn’t handle things online. “Life isn’t what it seems. Sad to see things roll out like they are but I don’t want this,” he further added.

Jaden Hossler addressed the "unfollow drama" via his Instagram story

Jaden Hossler addressed the “unfollow drama” via his Instagram story (Photo: Instagram)

Around the same time Hossler posted the Instagram story, fans noticed that he was now following his girlfriend, Barrett, on Instagram. Another thing that also went noticed was that Barrett was yet to refollow her boyfriend.

Jaden Hossler has been accused of cheating on Nessa Barrett

All of these unfollow drama has led people to wonder if Hossler and Barrett have officially parted ways.

However, it isn’t only the “unfollow” on Instagram drama, as Barrett has seemingly changed captions from the pictures she shared alongside her boyfriend.

The original Tiktokroom pointed out that Barrett had changed the caption from her Instagram post in which she sent birthday wishes to Hossler. The original caption read, “Happy birthday lover boy,” with a white heart emoji attached, whereas the newly edited caption read, “Happy birthday” with the same emoji attached.

So, have Hossler and Barrett broken up? While there is still no confirmation, there is speculation that Hossler allegedly cheated on Barrett. 

The cheating speculations started after a picture related to Hossler went viral. An Instagram user named Kassidi Foy had shared a photo over her Instagram story, which showed an autograph signed over her chest.

In the same story, she thanked Hossler by writing, “LMAOOOO THANKS” and mentioning the TikTok star’s Instagram handle. Similarly, he had also dropped a comment on her recent Instagram post, writing, “The picture after my concert is my favorite.”

This viral picture and the comment from Hossler led fans to criticize the musician and speculate if he was cheating on Barrett.

Jaden Hossler with his girlfriend Nessa Barrett on Halloween

Jaden Hossler with his girlfriend Nessa Barrett on Halloween (Photo: Instagram)

As the whole debacle started to gain hype, BFFs Podcast took to their TikTok handle to share a video while replying to a fan’s comment, “Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett unfollowed each other y’all.”

The video also featured Barrett’s ex-boyfriend Josh Richards who was saying “Emergency pod” twice, after which the camera shifts to the podcast’s co-host Dave Portnoy who said, “It’s coming.”

However, BFFs Podcast’s Instagram handle later clarified by dropping a comment on TikTok Insiders and The original Tiktokroom’s post – who had reposted the video. On TikTik Insders’ post, they wrote, “That video is from the last emergency pod guys, no emergency pod is coming.”

Additionally, on The original Tiktokroom’s post, they wrote, “The caption was ‘should we run it back?’ It’s an old video, we’re not doing an emergency pod.”

Did Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett break up?

Now, coming back to the main question, did Hossler and Barrett split? As of now, there has been no official confirmation about that. Hossler still follows Barrett, whereas Barrett doesn’t follow Hossler on Instagram.

Likewise, an activity from Barrett hints that the duo is still together. Some hours after Hossler’s previous Instagram story, TikTok Insider posted a screenshot of a fan’s post that slammed the people spreading false speculations about Hossler and Barrett.

And the interesting thing was that Barrett had liked that Instagram post. Some parts of the post read, “[expletive] all u guy’s assumptions abt them you guys don’t know these ppl. Y’all like to create problems and spread lies just to break them apart when they’re already going thru so much. All the false accusations and hate need to stop.”

The Instagram post, which was liked by Nessa Barrett

The Instagram post liked by Nessa Barrett (Photo: Instagram)

Similarly, Kassidi Foy, whom Hossler signed an autograph, has revealed via an Instagram story that the picture is not hers. “To everyone asking – this is obviously not me lol,” she wrote.

To conclude, nothing could be said about Hossler and Barrett’s relationship and whether they have split or not until an official confirmation from either of them comes.

Hossler and Barrett first sparked romance rumors in early 2021 after releasing their song titled ‘la di die.’ At the time, both of them were in their respective former relationships – Hossler with Mads Lewis and Barrett with Josh Richards.

When those former relationships ended a couple of months later, Hossler and Barrett officially started dating. Hossler confirmed their relationship during their joint radio interview with Audacy host Kevan Kenney.

As their togetherness went on, everything seemed perfect between the two. Besides, they had even moved in together in January 2022. And now, they have sparked breakup rumors.

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Dove Cameron and Maneskin’s Damiano David Confirm Dating Rumors with a Kiss

Dove Cameron and Damiano David have been spotted together in many places.



Dove Cameron and Maneskin’s Damiano David Confirm Dating Rumors with a Kiss

American singer Dove Cameron‘s relationship with Maneskin’s Damiano David has been officially confirmed after they were spotted sharing a kiss.

Cameron’s blossoming romance with David, took a public turn when they were spotted sharing a heartfelt kiss during a beach rendezvous at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

The captured moments were mainly featured in the Italian magazine Chi, showing Cameron and David sharing a loving kiss. As they strolled hand in hand along the shoreline, their connection was further emphasized by the warmth of their shared moments.

The publication of these photos has since triggered widespread discussion on social media, sparking curiosity and excitement among fans about this new chapter in Cameron’s personal life.

Similarly, a social media user sparked a discussion on Reddit by sharing the couple’s intimate moment, titling the thread, “Dove Cameron and Damiano David (lead singer of Maneskin) confirm dating rumors.”

As the online thread gained popularity, a surge of enthusiastic fans and followers actively joined the conversation, offering a diverse array of opinions and reactions on the confirmed relationship between Cameron and David.

One individual shared, “Would have never thought. Sounds like such a random coupling. Aren’t they both singers? So that’s something they both have in common and can relate to,” while another excited supporter expressed, “So it’s true, omg yay! Congrats to Dove & Damiano! Hope their love will last!”

Meanwhile, certain individuals voiced their surprise at the news. One person shared, “Would have never thought. Sounds like such a random coupling. Aren’t they both singers?”

Fans had mixed reactions to Dove Cameron and Damiano David's relationship.

Fans had mixed reactions to Dove Cameron and Damiano David’s relationship. (Source: Reddit)

On a more personal note, another individual expressed a tinge of sadness, stating, “As someone who has the biggest crush on Dove, my heart is sad because I’ve always wanted her to be mine.”

Just a few days before Chi posted their intimate picture, Cameron made a low-key arrival in Sydney, donning an oversized black coat that almost touched the ground.

While Cameron doesn’t have any known commitments in Australia, it is believed she is in the country to support her rumored boyfriend David, who is currently on tour with his band Måneskin. It seems the singer is by David’s side throughout his tour.

The duo had also been spotted together in various places. For instance, in November 2023, Cameron was spotted leaving a Maneskin concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, alongside David, as they headed out of the stage door and got into a car together.

Fans had also previously caught sight of the singer attending the Italian rock band’s Madison Square Garden concert in New York City alongside her boyfriend back in September 2023.

Just a month later, a picture of them kissing at an afterparty at Dirty Mondays in Los Angeles went viral. In the snapshot, David sported a red crop top with the word Playboy, while Cameron was seen in loose jeans, a white bralette, and a black leather jacket.

Moreover, the rumored couple was spotted exiting the Espaco Unimed stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While in Brazil, Cameron was also seen enjoying lunch by the beach with the band, as reported by one of her fan accounts on Instagram.

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Matthew Sturniolo Clears up His Relationship Rumors on His Podcast

“It is a crazy situation to be in.”




Matthew Sturniolo Clears up His Relationship Rumors on His Podcast

Matthew Sturniolo, best known as Matt Sturniolo, shut down every relationship rumor out there about him!

He sat down with his brothers, Christopher Sturniolo aka Chris and Nicolas Sturniolo aka Nick, and discussed about his dating rumors on their podcast, Cut The Cameras

To date, Matt has been linked with several people. Many have assumed that he has a girlfriend or many, according to the speculation of netizens. 

All in all, there is a general consensus that people believe that Matt is dating his gf, regardless of who it might be. It seems like Matt is tired of hearing about the rumors regarding his relationship and dating life.

As a result, he clarified that he is single on the podcast with his brothers. The Sturniolo Triplets were talking about people on the internet and how fast a rumor can spread. 

Matt opined how 75 to 90% of the people on the are wrong and made assumptions. Nick added how it would just take a person to start a rumor that spreads across like wildfire.

He said, “It takes one person in like the random boredness of their own home to just comment something for it to become like a cycle.”

That was when Matt commented about the dating rumors he had been in and said, “Apparently, I’m in six different relationships right now and I don’t know any of them.”

Chris then said how people on the internet were crazy and Matt said, “It is a crazy situation to be in.”

Netizen’s on Matthew Sturniolo’s comments about his dating life.

Netizen’s on Matthew Sturniolo’s comments about his dating life. (Source: Instagram)

People were supportive of Matt after he clarified the rumors about him being in a relationship. A netizen wrote how he could just stand next to the girl and people would say she was his girlfriend.

“They can stand next to a girl and their fans automatically make ship edits and stuff it’s weird,” they commented.

Another wrote, “He really said “shut tf up” and I support,” while a netizen commented, “As he should. Some fans take it too far I feel like.”

Many were doubtful that Matt was telling the truth. However, his fans and followers shut them down, claiming that it was the influencer’s choice if he wanted to share about his relationship or the identity of his girlfriend.

The dating rumors Matt was referring to were him being linked to Madison Beer and Julia Ernest. Netizens actually believe that Beer is Matt’s girlfriend and the duo have been dating for quite some time.

On November 14, 2023, Beer and Matt were photographed standing next to each other at Lil Skies’s LA show. People commented how the duo were spotted having lunch at Salts Cure as well.

However, neither Matt nor Beer clarified the relationship rumor at the time.

There is not much background about Ernest being his gf since it is just limited to TikTok. The rumor started after people noted that they follow each other on Instagram.

As a result, people started assuming that Matt liked Ernest since he liked her content. Moreover, they created an invisible string between the two where Matt posted Pokémon on his story after Ernest did.

Similarly, many speculated that the ‘M’ ring Ernest once wore referred to Matt. However, that is not the case since she has a sister named Mia and it was dedicated to her.

Like Matt, Ernest never clarified if she was his gf or not. 

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Charli XCX Secretly Announces Engagement to Boyfriend George Daniel

Charli XCX and George Daniel have been together for more than a year.



Charli XCX Secretly Announces Engagement to Boyfriend George Daniel

English singer Charli XCX has pleasantly surprised her fans by revealing her engagement to her boyfriend George Daniel.

Charli XCX recently shared a snapshot on her private Instagram account, featuring her adorned with sunglasses and proudly displaying her diamond engagement ring in a car. 

Shortly after, an eagle-eyed social media user took to Reddit, reposting the same image and titled, “Charli XCX and George Daniel engaged?”

Upon seeing the post,  numerous fans and followers were astonished at the revelation. One individual commented, “Surprised! Congrats Charli!” accompanied by a red heart emoji, while another remarked, “Idk why, but I feel like they’d have a bomb-ass Vegas wedding.”

Fans share their excitement over Charli XCX's engagement photo.

Fans share their excitement over Charli XCX’s engagement photo. (Source: Reddit)

Conversely, some held a different perspective, as one person shared, “Longtime Charli XCX fan here who has been more wary of her in recent months – not surprised because they’ve been really public, and Charli has posted about getting married to him before this lol.”

The commenter continued, “I’m gonna predict it’s a short engagement, and they get married within the next few months, and then who knows.”

Nevertheless, despite the singer sharing her engagement update on her private Instagram, no official statement has been made on her main Instagram account. 

Similarly, her boyfriend, Daniel, has also not provided any updates about their relationship on his social media accounts. This deliberate silence suggests that the couple currently wishes to keep their engagement as private as possible.

Charli XCX and George Daniel’s relationship timeline

Charli XCX and Daniel first met while collaborating on the track Spinning. Later, their romantic involvement became public when they were first seen holding hands during a casual outing in New York City. 

As their relationship blossomed, so did their professional collaboration, with Daniel contributing to Charli XCX’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Crash

Not only did they co-write and produce the title track, but they also played a role in shaping the album’s tracklisting, ensuring it concluded with Twice.

After several months of dating, the couple officially confirmed their relationship through Instagram. In the midst of 2022, the singer shared a series of pictures from a getaway with her boyfriend, accompanied by the caption, “a ~ delicious ~ week ~ off ~ (sic).”

Among the snapshots, Daniel exudes joy as he stands next to a vibrant painting featuring flowers, trees, cocktail glasses, and a river. Likewise, another photo captures him in a tranquil forest beneath a clear blue sky. 

The singer also posted a playful car selfie of the two, along with solo shots, including a topless image in an outdoor pool and a bold snap showcasing black bikini bottoms inscribed with the words ‘Holy Spirit’ on the front.

Discussing her relationship with her partner, Charli XCX shared insights with The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, stating, “Now that I’m in a relationship with another musician, he’s influenced me a lot with his process and how he and his band work. It’s really different from how I work, and that has undoubtedly impacted me and my creative process.”

After celebrating over a year of togetherness, the couple is now poised to embark on a new and exciting phase in their relationship.

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