Top Alcoholic Beverages That We Enjoyed Over New Year's Eve and Want to Continue Trying Out During 2022

Top Alcoholic Beverages That We Enjoyed Over New Year’s Eve and Want to Continue Trying Out During 2022

Top Alcoholic Beverages That We Enjoyed Over New Year's Eve and Want to Continue Trying Out During 2022

Finding a new alcoholic drink to enjoy is one of the consummate pleasures of life.

With so many different types of tipples available, it’s worth further exploring the world of alcohol: perhaps you tried something novel on New Year’s Eve that tempted your tastebuds or are just keen to look beyond your usual couple of favorites.

Use the list below to inspire you to sample some new wines, spirits, and beers from around the world.

Captivating Cava

While champagne is the epitome of a celebration drink, prosecco has reigned supreme for years as the go-to bubbly treat, perfect for parties or to enjoy during a social hour or two after work at a bar.

However, prosecco’s less-famed sister, cava, could become your new favorite fizz in 2022. It’s a light yet flavorsome easy drinker produced in Spain and is an affordable alternative to champagne. As with all other wines, there are degrees of quality, and personal preference will come into things, too, of course. But have fun trying out a few different types to see what you like best.

And – even better – many people find that cava is less likely to induce a hangover than other wines. I’m sold.

Dessert Wines

Dessert wines have fallen out of favor in recent years, but the tide is turning again, and you can expect to see glasses of this deliciously sweet beverage regularly served up at the finale of a dinner party in 2022. Golden versions of Rieslings, or a beautifully rich and decadent port, are a couple of examples of dessert wines that will work beautifully on the palate when enjoyed with ice cream or a chocolate pudding.

Have a look at this guide for more information on dessert wines and how to choose them, and where best to source the finest quality bottles to give your guests a sumptuous after-dinner treat.

Pet Nat Wines

Pet nat stands for Petillant Naturel and is a name given to wines that have been produced using an authentic and ancient process, whereby the liquid is bottled before fermentation is completed – wines made using this method are often unfiltered and so usually have a hazy appearance.

This unusual beverage, largely lost to the mists of time for many years, is now making a surprise resurgence, particularly amongst English wine producers, and is growing in popularity among those keen to sample some quirky vintages.

Ancho Reyes

The last couple of years may have been all about gin, spirit-wise, but the world of the short has much more to offer than you may have guessed. Ancho Reyes is one such example: originating in Mexico, this spirit was created by the Reyes family in the 1920s and, in recent months, has been increasingly sighted at bars across the world.

Ancho Reyes is made of dried poblano chiles and neutral cane spirit: you’re going to get a good kick of heat, along with hints of herbs and other spices. Earthy and distinctive, use a shot or two of this in place of tequila, whisky, or rum to make for a unique and fiery drink.


Brand new and fresh, this spirit hails from California and is expected to be a big hit this year; you may have encountered it over the Christmas period or during a New Year’s Eve party already. Its light and botanical tones are a result of its infusion of aloe vera, cucumber, lemon peel, and eau de vie, which give it an airy, refreshing taste that’s perfect for pre-dinner drinks, or enjoying on a balcony during a long summer evening.

This spirit can be sipped alone or is a perfect partner in a range of cocktails – have fun exploring these options!

Craft Beers 

The sale of craft beers spiked during 2021, and this is a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down. Finding the most obscure, weird, or wonderful craft beer has become an enjoyable challenge for many hop-lovers and, luckily, there is no shortage of them.

If you’ve recently found yourself converted to these very special brews, then you may want to seek out the Hot Stout Beer produced by the Rogue brewery; it’s not for the faint-hearted, though. This alcoholic offering is made with Huy Fong hot chili sauce and has quite a kick. 

Or how about The Wild Beer Co’s Of the Sea? Standing at an impressively alcoholic 7%, this beer has been crafted to have a frothy, wave-like texture and underlying notes of lobster bisque. As part of the brewing process, seaweed, sea herbs, and cockles are used; it’s also infused with Cornish sea salt, saffron, and star anise, which work together to create a briney, wonderful taste of the ocean.

There’s also the beautifully named Imperial Lord Smog Almighty; this smoky porter is strong – 11%! – with hints of fudge, chocolate, and malt, and subtle tones of whisky, too. This is the perfect brew to curl up with in front of a crackling fire while a storm rages outside.

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