Top 5 Dupatta Drapes to Try With Your Lehenga Choli

Top 5 Dupatta Drapes to Try With Your Lehenga Choli

Top 5 Dupatta Drapes to Try With Your Lehenga Choli

In a diverse country like India, there is certainly no dearth of occasions for women to adorn the ethnic masterpiece that is a lehenga choli.

However, when you have many functions to attend every few weeks or months, it is a bit tough to style your new lehenga design differently each time. Also, it is not possible for all women to invest in multiple lehenga choli pieces so that they have something new to adorn for every event.

In such a scenario, one of the best ways to look distinct in the same outfit is to experiment with different dupatta draping styles.

Although it is often the most underestimated part of your attire, the way you drape your dupatta plays a huge role in diversifying your look. Following are the top 5 dupatta drapes that you must try with your lehenga choli:

1. The half-saree drape

This draping style involves arranging the dupatta diagonally across your body and over one shoulder like a saree, and letting it flow freely over your arm.

This dupatta drape adds more elegance to your ethnic get-up. If your lehenga choli features intricate embroidery or other heavy designs, then you should opt for a plain dupatta made of a sheer fabric in order to make the most out of this draping technique.

2. The U-shaped drape

In this drape, you have to place the dupatta over both your shoulders and let it form a graceful U-shape below your torso. This drape works extremely well if your choli has eye-catching embellishments on it that deserve to be flaunted.

This is an ideal draping style to go for especially if your choli has a U-shaped neckline and it will allow you to show off your beautiful statement neck-piece.

3. The cape-style drape

Bollywood fashionistas like Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have introduced this offbeat style of dupatta draping that has become a huge hit among the ladies due to its uniqueness.

In order to achieve this technique, you need to drape your dupatta from the back side and let it flow openly over both your shoulders at the front side. This dupatta draping style is currently trending not only in lehenga choli but in salwar kameez as well.

4. The one-shoulder drape

As the name suggests, the dupatta is pinned to one shoulder and is allowed to fall straight over your arm in this draping style. Trying this drape with your lehenga choli lends you a regal and dignified look! The one-shoulder dupatta drape is perfect when your ensemble boasts fancy designs that need to be the focus of your attire.

5. The elbow drape

Arranging your dupatta from the small of your back and draping it across both your elbows enhances your dainty appearance and makes you look like a royal princess. This draping style is perfect if you are wearing a sleeveless lehenga choli as it lets you flaunt your impressive toned shoulders.

These dupatta draping techniques will help you style your beloved lehenga choli in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking for lehenga choli or other ethnic apparels like kurtis online, you must shop from a brand that offers not just variety but also top-notch quality.

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