Can You Be Thrifty and Chic? We Say Yes! And Here’s How

Low on funds but want to look on point?


Being thrifty means ‘being careful with money.’ Other synonyms you might find instead of ‘thrifty’ would be ‘frugal,’ ‘pinching,’ and ‘miserly.’ While these adjectives might not evoke images of glitz and glam, if you’re on a tight budget, there are a few adjustments you can make that won’t compromise your look.

There’s no shame in wanting to keep to a set budget, and if you’ve been shopping for long enough, you probably already know that this doesn’t have to take away from maintaining a chic look – quite the opposite, actually! With the right amount of planning and lucky finds, you may very well be the most stylish person at the party.

Okay, we won’t deny splurging on that designer outfit accessory or wardrobe essential is great, but you need to make sure you have enough spending room to afford such a purchase. Or else, you may want to shift focus on bargain hunting and check out some other ways to get some extra pocket money to fund that wardrobe treat. Did you know there are all sorts of fun ways to make some extra cash?

One example is playing at an online casino. We’ve recently come across some operators who offer a generous $200 no-deposit bonus to players. Who knows, that Michael Kors bag you’ve been eyeing might no longer have to wait an entire year to be welcomed to its new home.

Anyway, here is our guide to looking stylish on a tight budget!

Make a Plan

When you are running low on funds, you need a plan for goals and objectives. Whether you are shopping for clothes and groceries, this is where your taking notes and reminder apps on your smartphone come in handy. First, go through your wardrobe and check which items of clothing are missing or which need to be desperately replaced, and proceed to save images of them on your Pinterest or phone. 

This will smoothen your shopping journey and save you time and hassle looking for those specific garments at specific thrift stores, as all you’d have to do is show the pics to the shopping assistants. They will then know whether they have those items in stock and where to look for them. 

Sell/Buy Pre-Loved Items

If you have any signature designer pieces that might have cost you an arm and a leg in the past and that you no longer want to wear, there are a couple of online stores like Vestiaire Collective and Rebelle that can help you sell them. Whether you are looking to make some extra dough or would like to make new space in your closet for newer pieces, then these stores offer a great option. 

The alternative to these online stores is Dress Agencies, which are physical stores that can be found in most cities or busy areas. These stores take in high-quality pre-loved clothing and not only these, but also take designer accessories too. So, if you’ve got an old Louis Vuitton bag that has remained in mint condition but that you no longer fancy lugging around whilst strolling, taking it to a Dress Agency or selling it online might just be your solution. 

Swish, Swish, Swish

Swishing or swapping parties are becoming so trendy and gaining so much popularity around the globe. If you are still wondering what these involve, just ask the Gen Zs! This is a cheap, sustainable, and fun way to get new clothing.

Many events implement a system that makes it difficult to ’trade down’ for something else, so you need not worry about throwing away your items. Some events even have a point system whereby you are allowed to carry over points from putting your clothes into a previous swap event and can redeem them at the following one.

Ditch the Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion refers to cheap and readily available fashion that is found on the high street and hundreds of popular fast-fashion websites. This kind of fashion relies on factory workers from third-world countries to mass-produce products for extremely cheap labor.

Conditions in these kinds of work environments are negligible and such factories are usually found in South America, India, and China. Not only that but the texture of clothes bought from such fast fashion outlets is cheap and simply ought not to be resold.

You can try and avoid supporting this industry by choosing to invest your clothing budget in ethical companies that prioritize sustainability and the ethical production of clothing. Not all ethical companies are expensive; there are several ethical clothing brands online that are more affordable.

Upcycle and Recycle

You might not have to be a top-notch tailor to make small adjustments to your clothing, where you change the style of an item to the point where it feels brand new. Wear an oversized man’s shirt off the shoulder, add a belt to that loose dress, roll up the sleeves of a  dangling jumper and pin a brooch to that worn-out blouse.

You can even use Dylon to dye an item, making it look unrecognizable. All you need is a dash of inspiration and if you have gotten stuck and need some garment hemmed in, you can ask a friend who knows how to sew. Worst-case scenario, look for a tailor close to you who won’t break the bank. 

There are so many ways of looking stylish on a budget. We suggest you take a close look at your closet, plan, and go from there!

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