Online Dating: 5 Ways To Charm Your Partner

Online Dating: 5 Ways To Charm Your Partner

The first online conversation you have with a potential match sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.


Online dating has become increasingly popular recently. People of all ages use various online dating services to meet new people and even find the love of their life. In fact, about 23% of the people in the U.S. have met long-term romantic partners online.

However, since these online dating websites, platforms, and applications are flooded with hundreds of people, sometimes it can be hard for anyone to stand out and find their match. Because of this, it is up to the users to find a unique way to get someone’s attention and spark chemistry with a potential soulmate.

So, whether you are looking for casual hookups or the love of your life, you need to have an incredible conversation game to charm your partner. To get you started, we share five tips on how to woo your match when online dating.

Lead with humor

The first online conversation you have with a potential match sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. That’s why users need to go beyond those simple one-word openers such as “Hey” and say something to the other person that will grab their attention, like a joke.

The thing is telling your potential date a joke will undoubtedly make them laugh and even increase your chances of getting a response. You don’t have to be a standup comedian to tell a joke, but just say something that will be unique and funny.

Ask questions

Another thing you can try to get the chemistry going between you and your match is to ask questions. People like being asked questions because it encourages them to share information about themselves and helps bring flow and ease into the conversation.

For example, you can ask simple questions such as how someone’s day is going or how they are doing. Or, you can be playful and ask them how would they describe themselves in three emojis, so you can make the convo more fun and relaxing.

Offer compliments

It is well known that everyone enjoys a compliment, so stating your attraction will certainly spark instant chemistry between you and your match. You can compliment your potential date on a physical feature you like such as their eyes, smile, lips, and dress style. Also, consider specific achievements or actions they took, or a character trait shared that you admire. All of this can be an indication that you are interested in them.

Make sure all compliments you give are suitable, kind, genuine, and thoughtful. If you want to be friendly and flirty at the same time, you can use a good objective like cute, beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy, when observing a physical trait.

Be specific 

People, especially women, love a person with a plan. While a vague statement like “I’d love to take you out for a drink sometime” can be a good start, you will probably get further if you say something like “There is a new bar downtown. Would you like to come and check it out with me Thursday night?” Saying this accomplishes two things.

Firstly, it shows your potential date that you are a competent person who is capable of making plans. And secondly, stating a specific event or location gives your match an added incentive to say yes. You’d be surprised to learn that people often agree to go out with someone simply because they suggested something really cool, which they wouldn’t do otherwise.

Talk about your goals

Another way to charm your partner is to talk about your goals, both short and long-term. You don’t need to talk only about work, but about life goals that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Whether it is training for a marathon or opening a personal business, many people find it really attractive when their potential partner is ambitious and is constantly looking for ways to be better and successful. It also makes you look stronger and determined, which is another trait your potential partner might like.

Final thoughts

Online dating may be overwhelming at times, but it can also be lots of fun. There are plenty of ways you can charm your potential match and spark chemistry between each other. Whether it is a cheesy opening line or a sweet compliment, remember to always be genuine and respectful because it is the only way to grab someone’s attention.

In case you need help, borrow some of the tricks from our post and have a good online dating experience.

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