Five Types of Jackets Everyone Needs All Year Round

Five Types of Jackets Everyone Needs All Year Round

Jackets you may want to invest in!


Depending on where you live in the United States, temperatures can range from below freezing to the high 80s during the year. Staying warm, dry, and cozy during those months, especially in winter, late fall, and early spring can be challenging.

If you look at men’s Trespass jackets or women’s jackets, you may wonder what style works best in different circumstances. There are quality jackets for every occasion, such as hiking jackets, rain jackets, stylish formal jackets, and more.

Some pieces of clothing are so versatile that you can keep them in the rotation permanently. Below are five jackets you may want to invest in to keep in your wardrobe all year.

1. Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is an outstanding option for both men and women to wear most of the year. Anytime the weather is a little chilly, or you are feeling slightly ill, you can don a bomber jacket to look stylish and stay warm.

One of the advantages of the bomber is that it goes with everything. Whether you are wearing shorts, jeans, pants, or even workout gear such as a tracksuit, you can put on a bomber jacket and look great. 

Dressing the jacket is also very easy. The jacket looks great over any shirt, and you can find bombers in a variety of colors and styles. Your layer below can be a sweater or a plain white t-shirt, depending on the temperature and your style.

2. Denim Jacket

Wearing a denim jacket may not be for everyone. If you can pull off the look, and you have the other clothes that would go perfectly with the jacket, then you can keep it in your wardrobe all year.

The denim jacket may not be perfect for every occasion, as you would look a little odd wearing it to a more formal or serious event. But you can pair it up with a stylish shirt and jeans or pants to look stylish while running errands, heading out to a local bar or restaurant, or even going to work.

One downside to a denim jacket that you should consider is its weight. If you have a habit of taking off your jacket and carrying it for several hours or putting it in your bag, a denim jacket may be a little cumbersome.

3. Leather Jacket

The ultimate style and status symbol for both men and women, a leather jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe if you can afford a quality piece. Leather jackets are perfect as they can keep you warm enough in the winter with layering but are light enough that you can wear them on a chilly summer evening as well.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outside their home in the evening and night should have one of these. Whether going to a club, visiting a local restaurant, heading to a concert, or meeting up with friends at a local park, a leather jacket is the perfect outerwear for later in the day. 

4. Trench Coat

When the weather gets slightly colder, you must attend a formal event, or you want to look stylish while wearing a casual t-shirt and jogger pants underneath, a trench coat is a perfect jacket to take out of your wardrobe. 

The beauty of a trench coat is that you can look sleek no matter what you are wearing. Have to run to the convenience store at 6 in the morning? There is no need to change your entire outfit, as you only need to put on a trench coat and shoes, and you will look great.

5. Puffy Jacket

Perfect for people who live in areas that get very cold in the fall, winter, and spring, the puffy jacket is the ideal outwear piece to keep on hand.

Puffy jackets are incredibly cozy, and they also protect you from rain. You can pair them up with jeans or a tracksuit bottom to look stylish while running errands or spending time outdoors.

Women may opt for a puffy sleeveless jacket, as it often looks more stylish than a full-sleeved jacket.

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