Top Celebrity Inspired Accessories for 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Top Celebrity Inspired Accessories for 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Top Celebrity Inspired Accessories for 2022: Everything You Need to Know

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Staying ahead of the fashion curve can be something of a full-time job. No sooner has summer ended than Autumn comes along, and a whole new set of accessory trends come into view. It can be tricky to keep up and expensive as hell to do so.

When it comes to staying in line with the fashion cycle, we often look to celebrities and personalities to help us. We see what they wear on the red carpet and are often inspired; indeed, that goes for fashion outlets also.

Often a star will be wearing a high-end item that is then copied by a high street brand, made cheaper for us mere mortals, and then it sells out within days. This is how much power that celebrities now have in the digital age. One Instagram post might be all it takes for a trend to be triggered into our psyche. 

So what are going to be the big accessory trends for 2022? Well, we can tell you that fashionistas and style gurus are already well aware of what will be big next year, and some celebrities have already had their say, and to help you keep your finger on the style pulse, here are some accessories that will be massive next year.

Personalized Jewelry

In 2021 all the biggest celebrities were wearing a variety of personalized jewelry items, and that looks to be something that will continue long into 2022. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and the Duchess of Cambridge are just a handful of stylish personalities who love wearing them. 

When it comes to your name necklace, you can look to use it as a statement of self-love, with your name in full view and acting as your calling card, or you might use the opportunity to mark the names of your children or even as a dedication to your partner. It’s a great elegant way to make a declaration and a luxurious way to do so.

Platform Boots

Of course, celebrities often use platform boots to give them a heightened (literally) loftier appeal, especially if they happen to be a little shorter than those around them, and platform boots are going to be huge in 2022.

You can really go for it with this look, don’t hold back. Perhaps opt for blinged-out platforms or a more floral design; either way, look for prominent platforms but just be sure you can walk confidently in them as wearing them will look less stylish if you can’t move more than two steps without tumbling to the floor.

Stylish Chokers

Chokers are going to be very popular in 2022, and there are many ways to approach this stylish statement. You can opt for a simple pearl design or maybe something bolder and more ornamental. 

There are those that are more suited to evening wear and playful options that are better placed during the day. Mix it up here but be sure that the design you select goes with the rest of your ensemble.

Kitten Heels

If platforms are just too much for you to handle, then get yourself a nice pair of kitten heels as an alternative. You might even go for a micro heel, but either way, consider bright coloring and maybe candy colors that match your bag. 

Deep reds and pastel colors are nice options to go with, and you can look to spice things up with kitten heels that have detailing that makes them stand out a little.

Monochromatic Snap Clips

2021, and even 2020, were very kind to us in terms of hair accessories with scrunchies and claw clips making a comeback, offering us simple ways to keep our unruly hair in check, but 2022 will be a little bit more high-end.

Get some monochromatic snap clips as a way to get your hair in order, make them fit the overall color palette of your outfit, and consider matching these with barrettes in the same color; in other words, try to find a color that suits you and use it as your go-to for all your hair care needs.

Corset Tops

By all accounts, corset tops are going to be in 2022 though you may want to wait until spring to try these out given the cooler conditions. Big-name designers are pushing these in a big way, and a lot of the 2022 runways saw these make a real impact.

There are many styles to pick from, and if you feel a little self-conscious about wearing these or just too damned cold, then you can match these with a nice blazer. The likes of Bella Hadid rock these, but again she has the type of physique that would rock just about anything.

Brightly Colored Bags

2022 may not be exclusively about oversized bags, as it appeared was the case in 2021, and the big push here is now to go for medium-sized options but pushed with bright, fun-loving colors. 

Baguette shoulder bags are good as they are a nice size when it comes to storing your much-needed daily belongings, and you should go for very bright, almost neon colors to really make them pop and stand out.

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