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Knowledge is power. This has been proved as a timeless, universal truth time and again, especially in the fashion world. Men who know their own bodies have greater chances of looking outgoing and handsome than those who don’t.

Do you agree to this?

And speaking of body knowledge, knowing your face shape and understanding the type of haircut to wear is important.

So, on this page, you’ll discover WiseBarber’s guide on how to choose a haircut for your face shape. See it below:

How To Choose Haircuts For Square Faces

A square face is described by a chiseled appearance, even proportions, and sharp jawlines. Ultimately, the width of the jaw, the cheekbone, and the forehead are equal or almost so. It is a versatile face shape that works with almost all hairstyles –long or short.

However, we professional barbers recommend classic neat haircuts for it, e.g High Taper Fade. The truth of the matter is short haircuts make men with square faces look like they are in the military.

On the other hand, long haircuts give square faces a feminine appearance. Do you get it now?

How To Choose Haircuts For Round Faces

A round face is generally considered a feminine one. Though, just like a square face, a round face has its length and width equal (or almost equal). However, it has a rounded jaw unlike a square face, and features cheeky or “fat” cheeks.

So, when choosing a haircut for your round face the next time, professional barbers recommend a style that will give you a visually prolonged silhouette. You should also choose from hairstyles that make the face less cheeky.

Some of the haircuts for round faces are Pompadour with Undercut, Side Bangs, Slicked Back with Taper sides, and Angular Fringe.

How To Choose Haircuts For Heart Shape Faces

If you have a perfect heart-shaped face, then you’re probably like Justin Timberlake. This means that your forehead is greatly wider than your jaw which is either angular or pointed.

So, when choosing a haircut, your primary concern should be how to create a balance along the face and reduce the sharp contrast between the forehead’s width and the jaw’s width. Do you understand?

Anyway, for ideas, some of the best haircuts for heart-shaped faces are Textured Quiff and Shoulder Length hair.

How To Choose Haircuts For Oblong Faces

Men with oblong faces need to be extra careful when picking out a haircut. As we all know, an oblong face is way longer than it is wide. So, if you have an oblong face, you want to avoid haircuts that add length to the face.

Ideally, you want to go beardless or swap pointed and fuller beard styles for a boxed beard to give flatness to the pointed jaw. You should also go for hairstyles that make the forehead look flat and increases the width of the face.

How To Choose Haircuts For Triangle Faces

A triangular face features a wide jawline, an insignificant chin, cheekbones that are not as wide as the jawline, and a narrow forehead. If this sounds like a perfect description of your face, you should always opt for hairstyles that add length to the forehead and the sides of the head.

For your info, some of the best haircuts for triangle faces are a Crew Cut, Textured Quiff, and Side Part with Fringe.

In Conclusion

When choosing hairstyles, it’s important to know and consider the shape of your face and go for a hairstyle that gives you the best look.

That’s why this guide has been created to show you how to choose a haircut for your face shape. You can also check this post to discover the 2022 trends in fashion among freshmen.

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