7 Fashion Faux Pas You Should Avoid at All Costs in 2022

7 Fashion Faux Pas You Should Avoid at All Costs in 2022

Avoid the following fashion faux pas at all cost!

7 Fashion Faux Pas You Should Avoid at All Costs in 2022

There’s always that someone who walks into a room and has all heads turning in her direction. It’s usually a combination of the clothes she’s wearing and how she carries herself. How many times have you taken a good, hard look at that person and wished that you could be her? What’s the secret of a fashionista?

Even if you don’t consider yourself one, there are some things you should be aware of, especially if you don’t want to turn heads – and we’re not talking about the good kind of head turning! Remember, in order to be stylish, you needn’t be a trendsetter, nor buy everything designer or custom-made.

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While you may never manage to crack the code of those elegant fashionistas, there are some things that you should do or, more specifically – shouldn’t do – to avoid fashion faux pas.

So, if there are any tips you should be following, please, take our advice and avoid the below listed fashion faux pas at all costs this year! 

1. Don’t Mix Prints

Very, very few people can get away with wearing spots and stripes. Tell yourself that you don’t want to be that person. Instead, stick to one print and wear it boldly on the part of your body that you want emphasized. 

Fashionistas advise that everything else on your body should be more subdued for the printed piece to make an even greater impact. Think a bright, polka dot shirt with dark denim jeans.

2. Keep Evening Wear … for the Evenings

You may think it’s chic and bold to wear a shirt dripping with rhinestones or a sequined skirt while out and about on your daily errands, or to the office. We’re here to tell you that it’s not. In most cases, it looks tacky and cheap. Bring out the bling after the sun goes down, and even then, do so in moderation.

3. Accessorize… but not too much!

You can add a lot of class to an ordinary outfit by dressing it up with accessories such as handbags, jewelry, or watches. But you need to know the limit. If you tend to make a beeline for chunky jewelry, you need to minimize other pieces so that you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Remember that classic styles are always a winner with any outfit you choose.

4. Your Clothes Should Fit

Take some time to find brands whose clothing make you look AND feel good. Never buy in a size too small, hoping that you’ll fit into it down the line. You’ll end up suffering on every level. On the other hand, don’t buy clothes that are ultra-baggy because they’ll just make you look bigger than you are. 

Don’t underestimate the magic that a good tailor can work. Pieces that fit well over most of your body can always be adjusted or shortened so that they fit you perfectly.

5. Spare the Skin

Unless you are lounging around by the pool or the beach, there is really no reason to let everything hang out – and it’s got nothing to do with your size or prudishness level.  By all means, show some cleavage or wear a thigh-high slit skirt, but too much skin shown all at once is mildly tacky. Leaving some things up to the imagination is ultimately much better than letting everyone gape for free.

6. Dress Your Age

You don’t have to limit your wardrobe to matching twinsets and pearl necklaces once you hit 50 (although you can if you want!). But try not to emulate your 12-year-old daughter either.  Stick to a style that doesn’t scream “trying too hard” and seek out those stylish clothes that are thankfully available for all ages out there.

7. Don’t Follow Fashion Trends Blindly

Just because the models on the Fashion Channel strut their stuff wearing oversized bloomers and paper bags doesn’t mean that you should too. It makes much more sense to know your body type, find a style that works for you and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and look good at the same time. The confidence that you get from pulling together a style that works only for you will always shine through!

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