How Can You Stop Workplace Bullying?

How Can You Stop Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying doesn’t include physical harm but tends to tease or humiliate a person in front of others.


Many people consider that workplace bullying unavoidable. Workplace bullying has resulted in billions of dollars each year in revenue around the world. This is because many employees who are bullied at their workplaces tend to consume their sick leave more than any other employee which reduces productivity.

So the point is how can you stop workplace bullying? 

Workplace bullying greatly affects any organization in a number of ways. Considering the fact when an employee leaves an organization due to bullying, you may not only lose a good employee but you might have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars searching for a new employee. 

Even after spending time, effort, and money on finding a new employee and then training him, there is no guarantee that the new employee might be even as good as the one left. 

Recognizing when workplace bullying occurs

Before taking any remedial actions against bullying, it is very important to understand various forms of bullying that exist in workplaces. The general perception of bullying in our minds is that one is faced on school grounds, where one is hot or hurt by the other person in power. But workplace bullying differs. 

Workplace bullying is more subtle. It doesn’t include physical harm but tends to tease or humiliate a person in front of others. Further to this, if the behavior of someone becomes somewhat protracted and makes it difficult for the other one to work then this is considered as workplace bullying as well. 

How to stop workplace bullying?

There are numerous ways to put a stop to such bullying, the most extreme of which is to file a legal complaint. This usually deters bullies, and you may not even need to pursue the case, but there are times when it is necessary. 

However, before you go to court or any other type of judicial system, there are many other things you could do to avoid it. It is quite unfortunate that those who bully are very skilled at identifying a person’s weak points and then exploiting them. 

If you want to confuse your bully, you must react in a more assertive and strong manner, even if this is not how you feel on the inside. What matters is that you never show them that you are upset, no matter how much they tease, harass, or humiliate you. 

If they don’t get the reaction they’re looking for, they’ll often stop behaving the way they do towards you. But be cautious and look for signs that they are now directing their behavior towards someone else. You could try talking to the person involved, but it would be far better if you sought help from someone in a position of authority. 

Not only will they be asked to accept responsibility for the situation, but it may also help in bringing forward others who are experiencing workplace bullying from the same source as you. If, on the other hand, your employer refuses to deal with the situation, you have every right to seek legal counsel. 


Workplace bullying has a long-term impact on employees’ lives. If left unchecked, it can escalate to the point of physical intimidation, manhandling, or violence. If you are subjected to physical assault or violence at work, you should file a formal complaint and consider calling the police immediately. 

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