Everything about Sky Bri — From Target Employee to OnlyFans Millionaire, Boyfriend, and Parents

Everything about Sky Bri — From Target Employee to OnlyFans Millionaire, Boyfriend, and Parents

Sky Bri formerly worked at ​​Target Retail Company.

Everything about Sky Bri — From Target Employee to OnlyFans Millionaire, Boyfriend, and Parents

Internet personality Skylar Bri — commonly known as Sky Bri — is a content creator who posts her adult content on Twitter and OnlyFans. She also has a massive following on Instagram, where she updates her fans about her day-to-day life.

She has been active on the internet as a social media influencer and adult content creator since late 2021. In the initial days of her career, she was backed by fellow internet star Lena The Plug and her partner, rapper and podcast host Adam. The diva is still managed by the celebrity couple.

As stated earlier, over the last couple of years, Bri has earned fame for her content, making herself one of the most searched celebrities on platforms such as OnlyFans.

But she wasn’t exposed to such fame in the past and actually has had a humble beginning, which only a few of her followers are aware of. So, here is everything you need to know about Sky Bri.

Sky Bri is 23 years of age

Bri was reportedly born on February 21, 1999, making her 23 years old as of this writing. As per her Facebook handle, she was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.

But she later spent many years of her life in Ocean City, Maryland. Subsequently, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she is living at present, too.

Speaking of her birthday, she celebrated her 23rd birthday by posting a glamorous picture of herself on Instagram. She lay down on the bed alongside her birthday cake, while she wrote, “Cheers to 23 baby.”

On the other hand, Bri has opted to keep the details of her parents under wraps, due to which no official information about them is known. That being said, her father reportedly worked in a local shop for the livelihood, while her mother looked after the family.

The internet star apparently holds the nationality of America, follows Christianity religion, and belongs to white ethnicity.

Sky Bri was previously a Target employee

Before rising to fame on social media, Bri used to work at ​​Target Retail Company, an American big-box department store chain, in Pennsylvania.

Circa 2020, she also began posting adult content on OnlyFans, while working limited hours at Target. At the time, she earned around $500-$600 every two weeks, whereas she amassed around $2000 per month from OnlyFans.

But that is nothing compared to what she owns now, as she is a millionaire at present. She admitted the fact during the Touchy Subject podcast with Lena The Plug in June 2022.

“I mean you’re into money and like you’re a millionaire…and you’re a 23-year-old millionaire,” Lena said, to which Bri agreed by saying, “Because of you. Well, I mean you and Adam.”

Back to her story, Bri was invited for an interview by Adam, after which the podcast host told Lena about the talented model. He told his partner that Bri had the potential to become someone very famous. 

After that, Adam and Lena approached Bri to manage her, and subsequently, she agreed to work under the couple. That is also when she permanently quit her Target job and shifted to making adult content for OnlyFans.

Sky Bri’s life as an OnlyFans millionaire

In the mentioned podcast, Bri went on to talk about her journey from being a Target employee to becoming a millionaire, and how she was handling the fame, as well as her huge net worth.

As per her, she is good at handling the money, as she does not have a spending problem. She said, “I don’t have a spending problem, which I pride myself on.”

“Because I think that’s something that happens to a lot of people when they come into money fast,” she added.

Bri explained that she still lived in a tiny studio apartment, and the only thing she bought herself occasionally were bags.

The diva also divulged to discuss why she was very conscious about spending the money. She admitted that she earned her fortune through social media, and one could lose their social media at any time for some reason.

Agreeing with her, Lena added, “It could be taken away from you at any moment, like you can lose your socials. OnlyFans could decide again that they’re going to change the terms of service and that you’re not allowed to be a part of their platform.”

All these things make Bri one of the most grounded internet personalities, too, alongside being a talented supermodel.

Sky Bri has had boyfriends over the years

Coming to her personal life, the OnlyFans diva has been involved in multiple relationships over the years. But since she has “severe social anxiety,” she has not openly talked about her boyfriend or dating life in public.

Well, as far as we know, she had a boyfriend, who helped her create content, before she came across Lena and Adam. During the podcast, she even revealed that he was also her only friend for a long time.

But after she rose to fame, she and her boyfriend apparently ended their relationship. The reason for the breakup is unknown.

Meanwhile, Bri began dating social media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul in early 2022. It is unknown how and when they met, but their relationship did make the rounds.

Their relationship made the headlines, even more, when she got herself a tattoo, which was dedicated to the boxer. She inked “Jakey P” on the back of her neck.

Despite that, she and Paul could not take their relationship further, as they broke up. Bri admits that the social media star played on her, and the whole situation was the craziest experience she had ever had in her life.

Currently, she seems single but often goes on a date with men she matches on the dating app, Hinge. In addition, she comes across various male adult stars with whom she partners for videos.

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