Dina Manzo's Daughter Lexi Is Dating a Pakistani Man — Know Her Boyfriend, Age, and Profession

Dina Manzo’s Daughter Lexi Is Dating a Pakistani Man — Know Her Boyfriend, Age, and Profession

Dina Manzo's Daughter Lexi Is Dating a Pakistani Man — Know Her Boyfriend, Age, and Profession

Lexi Ioannou is an internet celebrity who rose to fame through her family connection with the RHONY star Dina Manzo. She is the daughter of Dina, to be precise.

Although the daughter of a renowned television personality, Lexi has managed to make a name of her own. She is very popular on the social media site Instagram with more than 108 thousand followers.

Now that we’ve learned a few details on Lexi, let’s dive deep into her profile and learn more about her, including her personal life, profession, age, relationship with her mother, and more!

She is Allegedly Dating a Pakistani Man

According to our LA-based source, Lexi Ioannou, also known as Lex, is allegedly dating a Pakistani guy named Fazeel Khan, who goes by the username fazeelkhan__ on Instagram. The two have been going around since April 2020.

Lexi often tags her possible new beau in her Instagram pictures. For instance, on September 12, 2020, she shared 10 pictures on Instagram, possibly from her vacation. In the 7th picture, she had tagged Fazeel in what seemed to be a romantic dinner date.

A snip of Lexi's Instagram post in which she tagged Fazeel Khan
A snip of Lexi’s Instagram post in which she tagged Fazeel Khan (Source: Lexi’s Instagram)

Likewise, in the third picture of her last and latest post, posted on May 8, 2021, she once again tagged him. Noting that, it looks like Lexi has found a new partner.

However, according to our source, Fazeel is a social climber, and therefore, he is often seen with very high-profile personalities on his social media. Professionally, he deals in real estate and also owns “a bunch of bars.” He also has properties in LA, NYC, and Miami.

Moreover, it is Fazeel’s wealth that initially attracted the gorgeous Lexi — and he often gifts her bags, jewelry and offers vacations. That being said, he is yet to claim her as his girlfriend or partner, as he has never personally posted about her on his social media or anywhere else for that matter.

But on the opposite side, Lexi is seen tagging him in her Instagram posts and posting videos with him on her TikTok handle.

“And this past Mother’s Day she came to NY and stayed at his apartment,” says our close source.

Not only Lexi is close to Fazeel but she also manages a close relationship with his mother Nyla Khan, Nyla, an interior designer, manages a very luxurious life and attends big parties. She posted a picture with Lexi on December 20, 2020, and expressed that she loved her in the comment.

But despite the details, Lexi has preferred to stay silent and enjoy her private love life with Fazeel presently.

She Was In Another Relationship Previously

The Instagram star Lexi Ioannou was in a relationship with Tyler Mateen. Tyler is the brother of Justin Mateen, an American internet entrepreneur who is the Founder and former CMO of Tinder.

The boyfriend-girlfriend duo began dating each other around early 2018 but managed to keep it a low-profile for a while.

On June 5, 2018, Lexi took to her Instagram handle to share a kissing picture and introduce her boyfriend to the world. The picture was captioned with a heart emoji. Likewise, on July 11, 2018, she once again shared some pictures on the occasion of her beau’s birthday.

Lexi Manzo with her boyfriend Tyler Mateen
Lexi Ioannou with her boyfriend Tyler Mateen (Source: Lexi’s Instagram)

Since then, the two’s ever-growing togetherness has been usually featured on her Instagram. As for her ex-boyfriend Tyler’s Instagram, it is in private mode so no information could be grabbed from that.

The last time the duo was seen together was on March 30, 2019, when Lexi shared a picture alongside Tyler. In the picture, the two were enjoying their time on the beach. Following that post, she hasn’t featured her boyfriend, making her followers wonder if they broke up.

Lexi Is The Creator Of A Jewelry Store

The daughter of Dina Manzo is an independent girl who has created a jewelry store named Shop Nou. The shop provides some amazing bracelets, earrings, and other products made out of jewels and designed in Los Angeles, California.

As the creator of the store, Lexi usually promotes the products through her Instagram handle. As a result of her promotions plus the good service of the store, Shop Nou has garnered more than 15 thousand followers on Instagram.

According to our source, Lexi is also associated with the clothing brand, MOTHER Denim, as a marketing assistant.

Lexi’s Short-Bio: Age, and Education

Born in 1996, Lexi celebrates her birthday on the 25th of January every year. On January 25, 2021, on the occasion of her 25th birthday, she posted a picture from her childhood and captioned it writing, “25 on the 25th. Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved today.”

The creator of a jewelry store is the daughter of Dina Manzo and her first husband George Hadjiapostoli. Sadly, her parents’ bond wasn’t strong as they separated some years after her birth.

Going into the details of her education, Lexi has received her graduate degree from Fordham University.

Lexi’s Relationship With Her Mother

The 25-year-old Instagram sensation has a very close bond with her mother, Dina, even though Dina has been married thrice in her life. The mother-daughter duo’s close relationship can also be witnessed through their respective Instagram handles.

For illustration, on the occasion of her daughter’s 24th birthday, Dina posted a short clip of her daughter dancing and wished her a Happy Birthday. Likewise, on the occasion of her mother’s birthday, Lexi shared a cute selfie and captioned it: “Happy Birthday Mama, love you.”

Lexi Manzo with her birth mother Dina Manzo
Lexi Manzo with her birth mother Dina Manzo (Source: Lexi’s Instagram)

Not only with her mother, but Lexi has also kept a good relationship with her mother’s third and current husband, David Cantin. Lexi, Dina, and David are occasionally seen going on vacations and relishing a great family time.

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