Facts about Dina Shihabi’s Height, Parents, Ethnicity, and Net Worth

Facts about Dina Shihabi’s Height, Parents, Ethnicity, and Net Worth

Facts about Dina Shihabi’s Height, Parents, Ethnicity, and Net Worth

Dina Shihabi, a multi-talented Arabian-American actress, knows no boundaries to refine her talents and makes her interest turned into skills.

Raised into stardom after her role as Hanin in Amazon’s series of Tom Clancy,  Jack Ryan in 2018, Shihabi has left no efforts to uplift herself in the industry.

She has been recognized as the most dynamic personality in the industry who loves dancing, outdoor touring, writing, being a social media influencer, along acting as her major pursuit. 

Who are Dina Shihabi’s parents?

Shihabi was born on September 22, 1989, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Ali Shihabi, the director of the Arabia Foundation, and Nadia Shihabi.

For better education and opportunities for their daughter, the whole family moved to Dubai when Shihabi was seven. At the time, Saudi had no proper facilities for women, making Shihabi Saudi born but Dubai raised. 

The Glamour Daily stated in an article about Shihabi explaining her ethnicity being of multiple origins as her words followed:

“I consider myself Arab European because my dad is half-Saudi, half-Norwegian, and my mom is half-Palestinian, half-German and Haitian, but raised in the south of France.”

Shihabi had to travel from one place to another with her family, including his brother Omar Ali Shihabi, before settling down in New York City in 2007, where she began her journey in acting by pursuing her studies in arts.

Being the first Saudi Arabian to get accepted into Juilliard and NYU Tisch School for Arts without completing four years’ graduation (from 2008-2010), she chose NYU and completed her MFA in 2014.

For this magical moment, she feels lucky as she said, “They hadn’t done that before, and they haven’t done it since. It was a gift, and I’m so very grateful,” as stated by The Glamour Daily in one of their articles.

‘Archive 81’ actress Dina Shihabi’s height and other features

The dazzling actress has an excellent height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7 m blessed with a curvy and slender body, making her an ideal persona for the industry. 

Shihabi has beautiful dark eyes with light brown hair falling below her shoulder and a weight of 53 kg or 116 lbs with a body figure of 34-26-25 inches.

Net worth of actress Dina Shihabi

The 32-year-old actress, Shihabi, is said to have an approximate net worth of $2 to $3 million, according to Newsunzip.

The Arabian-American actress took off her first major starring role as Amira Jafari in Amira & Sam in 2014, which gave her a great boost in the acting field. 

Similarly, her further works in the upcoming days followed as Madam Secretary (season 2) in 2016, Daredevil in 2018, Jack Ryan in 2018, Altered Carbon in 2020, and Archive 81 in 2022, which recently premiered on Netflix.

Shihabi’s work other than acting would be her being a screenplay writer and producer of a short film titled Chicken in 2021.

Shihabi’s recent work Archive 81 has gained a lot of attraction from the talent hunters and production management, which might provide Shihabi with new opportunities for sharpening and presenting her acting skills in front of the audience.

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